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Closing Eyes - Melodies for the Contemporary Mind 12" EP (Transparent vinyl)

Closing Eyes: Obsessive compulsive loops and manic drones for the contemporary mind
When Bergen based Norwegian outfit Lovecult folded shortly after having released their debut album, main songwriter and visionary Eirik Asker Pettersen decided to continue the project solo as Closing Eyes. One guy is no cult, you know..

Having invested a huge amount of artistic devotion in the Lovecult as well as being one of the current songwriters in revered outfit Maribel, Asker Pettersen desperately needed to leave behind democracy for a while:

- I felt the need to keep exploring the directions Lovecult was heading. Lovecult got described as ”sounding a bit like Primal Scream, however a Primal Scream that has been frozen in carbonite and is only able to transmit its songs telepathically through psychic interpreters in the Alabama 3», I needed to dive deep into the world of waveforms, delays and modulations. I was obsessing over the possibilities and otherworldliness available in electronic dreams, says Asker Pettersen.

- Closing Eyes sound labs will demonstrate our way of sound. Of quarter-sounds and lesser sounds. Haunting melodies for the contemporary mind. Diverse instruments of any kind. Obsessive compulsive loops oscillating in and out of time. We do small sounds as well as deep. We make diverse trembles and warbles which we repeat and repeat. We also have strange and artificial echoes, reflecting the voice many times. Some shrill and some deep.. Tune in, fade out, repeat.